All Hallow’s Eve

All this moving business has made me completely oblivious to times, dates, and locations other than when the moving truck arrives, when I leave, and when I start sippin’ on Margs around the pool. 9 days.

I completely forgot that Halloween is in 30 days!!! My favorite holiday! And no, not because you can dress as sexy as you want, but rather, it’s a true, unadulterated form of self-expression.

I’m always overwhelmed with the decision of what to be every year. Back in the day, my mother would always take me to the nearest fabric store where I’d pick out my pattern and fabric and she’d whip up an AMAZING costume in no time. I miss that…but I think she’d kill me if I asked her to make me a slutty nurse costume 🙂

This year, being in ATL, it will be 1000000° warmer than it ever is in Boston/CT. Can I get a “Hooo Raaaa”

That opens a whole bunch of doors for new costume ideas. Sadly, since I will be sans job for however long, I need to be frugal. That got me thinkin’ Last winter, I went to a metal concert with Tiff, DJ and a few others. Not being a huge metal-head like the others, I decided to play along. So, Tif and I naturally went and bought wigs to transform our naturally (ha!) blonde selves.



Everyone was awestruck with our transformations and it was actually quite fun playing a completely different role than my normal day to day. That being said, I’d love to rock the pink and black wig again.

All I’d need is a hat and stockings….Cute??? Sí or no???witch

What are your go-to Halloween costumes???

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