Thankful Thursday #4


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Just a rainy Thursday in good olde CT, making it hard to be motivated to do much today. Alas, I am currently in all modes MOVE at the moment.
Finding a mover. Finding boxes. Packing said boxes. Hosting a yard sale this weekend – parting ways with my yard sale goods 😦 Ahhhh the stress!! Must manage to find thankfulness!!!!!

Today is my mom’s 60th birthday! I chose this comical pic because it reminds me of  a restaurant we’d frequent in college. EVERYONE and I mean EVERYONE would go to this little Mexican joint, Monterrey’s, in Burlington, NC, on their birthday. They would make you wear a ridiculous sombrero while serenading you in a lovely version of a Spanish happy birthday. All followed up with a shot of tequila! Man, I miss that!

2013-01-26 20.28.19



I wish I could be there to celebrate, but with the move and tying things up at work, I can’t. However, I will be there at the end of October! Save me some cake!!!

eating cake

DJ and I treated ourselves to some Southern cooking last night going to Black-Eyed Sally’s, a BBQ and Blues joint in downtown Hartford, CT.  We started with the Burnt Endz – crispy chunks of beef with BBQ sauce. A favorite in this house. For dinner I had the Salmon with a honey BBQ glaze. It was served with garlicky green beans and collard greens. Definitely tasty, definitely needed a mint afterwards. My favorite part of dinner was the dessert! We had the Peach and Berry Pie served in a mason jar and topped with vanilla bean ice cream. YUM-O!!

I am soooo happy that it’s Thursday aka Baby Friday to DJ. I’ve been a powerhouse or productivity this week, trying to tie up loose ends and plan for this move in oh, 15 days, 19 hours and 4 minutes. I feel the panic attack coming on. It will be OK though. DJ is going to FL this weekend so it will give me time to really focus on packing and purging. Two things that will really make me feel better in the long run. There’s nothing worse than having a bunch of crap everywhere.

Thursday also means FOOTBAAAWWW!!!!!! I sported my Bears jacket on Monday night in support of my love, however please note that I am and always will be a Pats fan.

IMG_4381 (1)

Please excuse the packing mess behind me!

One more day til Friday my dears….you can do it!

Peace, love & spanks

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Apartment Hunting in the ATL

What a whirlwind of a weekend! We flew in to ATL on Friday night and were lucky enough to get 1st Class on the second leg of our flight so we enjoyed a little imbibing while discussing our Saturday agenda.


We stayed at the Marriott Glen Autograph Collection and it was AMAZING! It was totally artsy and I loved the decor!

IMG_4373Bright and early Saturday morning we met up with Susan, our Realtor to start the apt hunt. We had 6 properties to see by 11:30am so we had our running shoes on!

The first place we saw was only a 1 bedroom so we were outta there in literally 3 minutes…See ya!

The second place completely blew us away. Located downtown, this 27th floor apt had 2 bedrooms with floor to ceiling windows, a balcony, stainless steel appliances and hardwood floors. It was breathtaking! One of my favorite amenities was the rooftop pool…painfully beautiful!

IMG_4361We went to a few more places with Susan and then headed off on our own. We went to the AMLI apartment complex which I had found through a Google search. We loved it! Located in the Old 4th Ward area, it boasts an entrance to the Beltline which is a combo of rail, trail and greenspace that is in the works. Ultimately, when the project is completed it will connect 45 neighborhoods in town and run approximately 26 miles. I can’t wait to get out there for a jog or bike ride!

We knew AMLI was definitely the place for us almost immediately, the toughest choice was deciding which unit we wanted. More space? Better view? Cheaper price? We had soooo many options that we decided to sleep on it. Sunday morning after brunch in Midtown we headed over to AMLI to sign the lease. We had the hysterical leasing agent, Lisa, walk us through the options once again and we finally choose our place! I can’t wait to show ya’ll once we’re moved in and settled!

We headed off to the airport for our flight around 4pm and upon checking in we stumbled upon a jackpot. Apparently Southwest Airlines decided that we were the lucky winners and spit out 4 beverage coupons for our flights home. Cheers!!!

**Please note the guy in the corner laughing at our excitement**


As an added surprise, a few months ago, at a wedding in Chicago, I noticed that one of my charms on my Pandora bracelet was missing. It was actually the Bunny charm that DJ got me after one of his long business trips. I was devastated! DJ, knowing this, surprised me by bringing me in to the Pandora store in the terminal moments before boarding our flight. Now, the bunny has returned with an additional sparkly friend which now live happily surrounding the charm I got in St. Maarten. IMG_4382

Peace, love & spanks

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High Five for Friday #4

Happy Friday!! A rough start to the week with my ear infection, but feeling a bit better, still dizzy, but better nonetheless. DJ and I are off to Atlanta tonight for a whirlwind weekend of apartment hunting. I have my running shoes packed!

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Things I’m excited about:

1. Finding an amazing apartment in Atlanta! We are working with 2 great Realtors who have sent some beautiful places for us to check out. We fly in to ATL tonight around 11pm and we see our first place at 9am! So excited!! I’m wondering if we’ll end up in a high rise with a rooftop pool, or a townhouse with a yard and loft?!?! Oh the possibilities!!

2. The current fall weather in CT, and the continuing summer in ATL. Here in CT we are getting the first touches of fall with cool, crisp air and sunny skies. I’m loving it as boot and sweater season are my fav. However, moving to ATL in 3 weeks only means one thing…MORE SUMMER!!! Currently the temps there are still in the low 80s to high 70s. It’ll be an adjustment, but well worth it.

3. As stressful as packing can be, I’m always up for a little re-organization. This move will definitely help with that. Combining our things (2 blenders, 2 toaster ovens, 2 sets of dishes….ugh!!!!) will be interesting. Hopefully we can sell some stuff at a yard sale next weekend.

4. Southern cooking is a delicacy all in itself. Biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits and collard greens are some of my favorites. I’m hoping that I can learn to make some healthy versions of these once we move down there


5. NoRA Cupcakes in Middletown, CT….they are to die for! I had the “Bubbly” cupcake last night which features Champagne cake, chocolate ganache filling and Champagne buttercream frosting. Totally worth the calories for a sweet treat.


From their website @

NoRA is a “new generation” bakery focused on artistic cupcakes with an emphasis on non-traditional recipes. Our menu features more than 100 flavors, many of which are elaborately decorated and stuffed with unique and unusual fillings. It’s what happens when a cupcake company is born in a bar.

The NoRA bakery and retail store is located at 700 Main Street in Middletown across the street from Eli Cannon’s Tap Room and just north of Rapallo Avenue (that’s North of Rapallo Avenue,NoRA, get it!).

Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and spanks

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Thankful Thursday #3 – The Big News!!!

thankful-thursday2Sorry for the lack of writing this week. I’ve managed to come down with a crazy double ear infection that has also caused me to have vertigo! I pity (the fool ha!) anyone who has vertigo on a regular basis because this spinning, dizzy, nauseous feeling is no bueno! I feel like I’m buzzed and walk like a drunk, bumping into walls and stumbling over my own two feet. Sheesh! Maybe a drink will make me straighten out???


It’s Thankful Thursday again and I have a lot to be thankful about this week….Ready for the BIG NEWS??

Drew and I are moving to Atlanta as of October 11!!!atl

DJ recently accepted a new job in Atlanta and finalized the paperwork as of Monday. It’s all becoming real because we are headed down to Atlanta to search for apartments this weekend. I am so thankful for him with all his hard work and his positive outlook during this process.

Side note: If you ever want to see how strong your relationship is, throw in a huge stress ball mixed together with a move to a different state and see if you survive. If you do, you are good to go!

It’s crazy to think that in 552 hrs (3 weeks and 2 days) I will be living in Atlanta, Georgia. Never did I think that I would be back living in the South (I went to Elon University in North Carolina and my parents live in Myrtle Beach, SC,) but I can’t wait to be back in the warm weather. I love the South!

I’m thankful that DJ and I get to explore a whole new city together. Finding our people, our places and our things to do. Atlanta will be OUR place. OUR first apartment. OUR chance to grow our lives together. We are really excited!

I am also thankful for my boss who is very happy for me. She took the news (today) quite well and was just as excited for me to be taking on this new stage in life as I am. She was so supportive, wishing me well and offering her help and guidance if needed. I’m so lucky!

I’m hopeful in finding a job once I’m there. I’ve started to look on the job sites and it looks like there’s a great market in Atlanta, so I’m not super worried, however, any connections, please let me know!

Last but not least, I’m thankful for all of those free moving boxes I hope to come across soon…


II’ll try to post some of the apartments we find this weekend so keep in touch! And as always….

Peace, love and spanks!

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Birchbox Review

Monday, Monday…I welcome you as much as Tom Brady would welcome a decent RB to throw to…

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I know I did! The beautiful fall weather was super motivating and made the 6 mile trail run on Saturday all the more enjoyable. There’s something so special about Fall in New England. It brings me back to the annual Plymouth Plantation field trip we would go on as kids in grade school. Every September, we would hop on the old yellow bus and make the 30 minute drive to Plymouth. Once at the plantation, you get a real life experience of what it was like in the 1700’s. Women are baking bread in stone hearths, men are building and fixing houses, they even have farmers tending to the animals. I remember asking 1,0000,000 questions and giggling when we’d ask what year it was and they’d reply, “The year of our Lord, 1705” in their British accents. Go high five a Pilgrim today!


Sexy Halloween costume????

Besides the fantastic fall weather this weekend, I also got my monthly Birchbox and couldn’t wait to dive in. DJ now knows where all of my travel sized products keep coming from. He claims they reproduce overnight in the shower since more and more tiny bottles keep appearing 🙂


I loved the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm. It leaves just a touch of color and feels great, so that immediately made it into my bag. The Temptu highlighter gave me a really great glow, without being shiny or sparkly. Sadly, since I’ve lost most of my summer tan, the champagne color didn’t make me look orange or caked on. It helped immensely this morning as I’m trying to cover up a slight hangover…damn you Sunday Funday.

I’ve never used the Vasanti brand before, but I will definitely be purchasing the full size version of their Brighten Up. The exfoliation didn’t cause any breakouts or dryness, but instead left me so fresh and so clean clean!

I’m excited to try the Ageless Exfoliating shower gel and the Macadamia Flawless cleansing conditioner this week. Apparently you use the conditioner in place of shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully my 2 day hair will put it to the test after a workout tonight.

Have a great Monday!

Peace, love & spanks

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This is not a sponsored post, but this post does contain a referral link. If you sign up to try Birchbox through my referral link, I receive a credit towards my next box. And then, if you sign up, and you share YOUR referral link, YOU could get credit, too! 

High Five for Friday #3


TGIF!!! I am linking up with Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth site for her weekly, High Five for Friday fun. Check out some awesome bloggers!

Yesterday, DJ and I just received some very Life Upgrading news…no babies people. I am a lady…ahem 🙂


I just wanna rub that belly!!!

I am so excited that I could burst! Anywhoooo…I’ll post all of the exciting tidbits once everything is finalized, but in the meantime….High Five for Friday!!!!!!

Seriously, hand me the bottle o’Bourbon after these last few weeks. The end of my lease is upon me and that means the dreaded packing shall commence. I loathe packing. Doesn’t everyone?

The only thing I’m excited about it to sell and donate some of my stuff.

minimalI’m trying to really minimize my things. I have a lot of clothes that would benefit other people and I’m hoping my Life Upgrade can help others upgrade as well. The pastor at my church said they are always in need of clothes for the homeless shelters in the area. Please consider donating to your local church or shelter before selling your clothes. Give others the chance to Life Upgrade 🙂

No big plans this weekend other than packing, packing and more packing. Have a great weekend and remember….pants

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Thankful Thursday #2

We all know what twin_towers1day it is. September 11, 2014. A day to be very thankful for many things. Things that we often take for granted. 13 years ago when our world was rocked, I was only 16 years old and I had it all. An amazing family, a cute, popular boyfriend, a great education and a bright future. I hate to think that I took those things for granted, but I’m sure on some level I did.

Luckily, I was blessed not to know anyone who died in the attacks, but for anyone who experienced that day, we will all be forever changed. If you read my post about my NYC adventure, seeing the 9/11 memorial pools was a very emotional experience and I definitely recommend that being a stop on your NYC trip.

Today, at the ripe ole age of 29, September 11 will always make me say an extra I love you to my nearest and dearest. Don’t take anyone for granted.


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