Moving Day & Weekly Wishes Linkup

It’s finally here!!! Today is moving day!


After I finished up packing up my CT life around 8pm last night, DJ and I headed to one of our favorite spots, Plan B Burger Bar, for a quick bite. Being a typical male (no offense) he still wasn’t finished packing so we ate quickly and headed home. Frantically throwing things in boxes definitely raised my BP and I admittedly was quite the grump going to sleep. But this morning, I am filled with excitement knowing that as of Friday, I will be a Georgia Peach!



Bye Bye CT Master Bedroom


My living room all packed up!

Being the blog reader that I am, I stumbled upon Melyssa @ The Nectar Collection who is doing a weekly personal goal link up. Melyssa’s blog is very inspirational. It’s all about living a positive, beautiful life. What’s not to love about that??? I thought this would be a great linkup to begin using since I’ll be on the job search as of Monday.



1. Share your posts about your goals, challenges, or wishes for the week, month, year, decade, whatever! Entries completely unrelated to the theme or linked to your homepage will be deleted. 

2. Link back to this site so others can get their goal-setting on, too! You can use the button below if you’d like!

3. You can link up your posts on any day of the week, but the most common day to do so is Monday. 🙂

4. THE MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF ALL! You MUST visit the person’s blog who linked up directly before you and leave them a motivating comment. This is such an important part of this linkup! We are each here to encourage each other and build a community of determined women and friends. 🙂 If you do not do this, your post will be deleted from the link-up.


My personal goals for the week:

  1. Survive the drive to ATL. DJ and I are leaving on Thursday afternoon and making our way to DC for the night. I think once we’re in the car, the adventure will start. Right now, it’s just so stressful!
  2. Unpack the new apt. Our boxes are supposed to arrive between Mon-Wed. I’m hoping we can continue to downsize our belongings as we open the boxes. We do however have 1400sq ft so we won’t be lacking space…hopefully 🙂
  3. Continue the job search. What’s more stressful than packing and moving? Job hunting…ugh. Anyone in ATL hook me up!!!!

Also, shout out to my dad on his birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Dad! I love you!


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