Birchbox Review

Monday, Monday…I welcome you as much as Tom Brady would welcome a decent RB to throw to…

I hope you had a fabulous weekend, I know I did! The beautiful fall weather was super motivating and made the 6 mile trail run on Saturday all the more enjoyable. There’s something so special about Fall in New England. It brings me back to the annual Plymouth Plantation field trip we would go on as kids in grade school. Every September, we would hop on the old yellow bus and make the 30 minute drive to Plymouth. Once at the plantation, you get a real life experience of what it was like in the 1700’s. Women are baking bread in stone hearths, men are building and fixing houses, they even have farmers tending to the animals. I remember asking 1,0000,000 questions and giggling when we’d ask what year it was and they’d reply, “The year of our Lord, 1705” in their British accents. Go high five a Pilgrim today!


Sexy Halloween costume????

Besides the fantastic fall weather this weekend, I also got my monthly Birchbox and couldn’t wait to dive in. DJ now knows where all of my travel sized products keep coming from. He claims they reproduce overnight in the shower since more and more tiny bottles keep appearing 🙂


I loved the Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm. It leaves just a touch of color and feels great, so that immediately made it into my bag. The Temptu highlighter gave me a really great glow, without being shiny or sparkly. Sadly, since I’ve lost most of my summer tan, the champagne color didn’t make me look orange or caked on. It helped immensely this morning as I’m trying to cover up a slight hangover…damn you Sunday Funday.

I’ve never used the Vasanti brand before, but I will definitely be purchasing the full size version of their Brighten Up. The exfoliation didn’t cause any breakouts or dryness, but instead left me so fresh and so clean clean!

I’m excited to try the Ageless Exfoliating shower gel and the Macadamia Flawless cleansing conditioner this week. Apparently you use the conditioner in place of shampoo and conditioner. Hopefully my 2 day hair will put it to the test after a workout tonight.

Have a great Monday!

Peace, love & spanks

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This is not a sponsored post, but this post does contain a referral link. If you sign up to try Birchbox through my referral link, I receive a credit towards my next box. And then, if you sign up, and you share YOUR referral link, YOU could get credit, too!