High Five for Friday…late!


Finally got the internet up and running…currently posting in Atlanta from my blow up mattress, furniture to come this week (hopefully.)

Here are my H5FFs:

  1. Still can’t believe we live in ATL now. The last 2 days have been a whirlwind, but we love the apt
  2.  We have all the bare essentials nearby…a Home Depot, Whole Foods, Gas Station and Coffee Shops all within walking distance…so blessed!
  3. I have 2 job interviews this week! Wish me luck!
  4. It’s mid-October…it’s 80 degrees…it’s amazing.
  5. We are going to the Bears vs. Falcons game today @ the Georgia Dome. Going to a meet up group with Chicago fans. Hoping to find some Pats fans in there as well.

Hope you had a great weekend!

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High Five for Friday #5

I’m finding myself very melancholy this week. We lost a great man on Tuesday, my uncle Neggie, after a battle with cancer. Though we knew his prognosis, saying goodbye is never easy. It’s times like these that I want to be living closer to my family. Please keep his wife and daughter in your hearts.

2013-06-29 19.49.51

Neggie, my dad and mom, my aunt Mary

2012-12-24 09.58.35

Katie, his daughter and I watching the Pats game with Neggie in SC.

Yesterday my office held a “Goodbye” luncheon for me. Again, another happy/unhappy event. I am thrilled to be starting a new life in Atlanta with Drew, but this office and the people I work with are true gems, and it is hard to say goodbye to them. They really made me feel like I had a home here in CT. I am very luck to have met them.

The moving truck comes on Tuesday. Again, bittersweet. I love my apartment. It’s HUGE and updated compared to my Boston apt. The ATL place is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but still, this apt in CT is where DJ and I really became a couple and fell in love. Le sigh.

I had a horrific experience at the hair salon last night. I bought a Groupon for $50 for full highlight, cut, and dry…it was TERRIFYING! It was in a woman’s house. I swear because I used a Groupon, they gave me the new girl who told me she’s only been out of school for 3 months….as she has scissors to my head. OMG. I had super long hair, like middle of my back. I asked for 2 inches off….my hair is now above my shoulders! Seriously? Then, she puts a ton of product crap in my hair, tries to sell it to me, then says “do you want me to blow dry?”        UH???? YA?????  So she tells me to flip my head over, runs her fingers through my hair while drying for 3 minutes. I timed it because there was a commercial on the TV that still wasn’t over when she told me I was “all set.” I immediately drove home and tried to run a brush through it and dry it….NEVER AGAIN GROUPON!!!

edwarddd scissorhands

After the salon experience I decided I needed a drink so I met Drew and Billy out for the football game. Well, one drink turned into 3 beers and 4 shots cause we’re leaving and the bartender will miss us….needless to say, I woke up to a mouth that tasted like all of the bad decisions I made and I cannot be happier that today is Friday. AMEN


Peace, love & spanks….ugh

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High Five for Friday #4


#TGIF and #HighFiveforFriday!!!! Things I’m loving this week

1. Fall is fabulous!

Fall weather is upon us here in CT and it’s gorgeous! Makes me spring into action mode as the crisp air breezes through my patio door. However, a bit of an Indian summer is going to hit us this weekend. It’s supposed to be in the mid-80s!!! Hopefully that will draw 1,000,000 people to my yard sale tomorrow 🙂

2. Movers R Us

What is it about moving companies that totally feels like a scam? Quoted for one thing, only to find out it doesn’t cover major things…”Oh that’s an extra $$$” Seriously? In my next life, imma be a moving company…or a doctor…or a lawyer…or just pay attention in college. Anyways, I’m happy this will be all over with in a mere 2 weeks from today!!! Holla!!!!

3. Last Hurrah in Boston

Because of the move, we’ve planned a lil getaway to Boston aka my olde hometown, to see our friends one last time before we leave. Bittersweet, I know, but I’m grateful for the people in my life and for the city I spent my 20s in.

4. Fall (work) clothes in ATL

So, currently living in New England with fall temps of about 50°…moving to ATL with fall temps of about 75°….are boots still appropriate? My coworker and I like to keep our office at a balmy 75° at all times. Our bosses appreciate it, as do some of the nurses that stop in to “Warm up.”


5. Decorating

Can’t wait to grab some cute fall decorations from Target to accessorize the new digs. We have a lot of black/dark furniture so we are thinking of a dark red in the bedroom…bringin sexy back!jt

How was your week??

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High Five for Friday #4

Happy Friday!! A rough start to the week with my ear infection, but feeling a bit better, still dizzy, but better nonetheless. DJ and I are off to Atlanta tonight for a whirlwind weekend of apartment hunting. I have my running shoes packed!

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Things I’m excited about:

1. Finding an amazing apartment in Atlanta! We are working with 2 great Realtors who have sent some beautiful places for us to check out. We fly in to ATL tonight around 11pm and we see our first place at 9am! So excited!! I’m wondering if we’ll end up in a high rise with a rooftop pool, or a townhouse with a yard and loft?!?! Oh the possibilities!!

2. The current fall weather in CT, and the continuing summer in ATL. Here in CT we are getting the first touches of fall with cool, crisp air and sunny skies. I’m loving it as boot and sweater season are my fav. However, moving to ATL in 3 weeks only means one thing…MORE SUMMER!!! Currently the temps there are still in the low 80s to high 70s. It’ll be an adjustment, but well worth it.

3. As stressful as packing can be, I’m always up for a little re-organization. This move will definitely help with that. Combining our things (2 blenders, 2 toaster ovens, 2 sets of dishes….ugh!!!!) will be interesting. Hopefully we can sell some stuff at a yard sale next weekend.

4. Southern cooking is a delicacy all in itself. Biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits and collard greens are some of my favorites. I’m hoping that I can learn to make some healthy versions of these once we move down there


5. NoRA Cupcakes in Middletown, CT….they are to die for! I had the “Bubbly” cupcake last night which features Champagne cake, chocolate ganache filling and Champagne buttercream frosting. Totally worth the calories for a sweet treat.


From their website @ www.noracupcake.com

NoRA is a “new generation” bakery focused on artistic cupcakes with an emphasis on non-traditional recipes. Our menu features more than 100 flavors, many of which are elaborately decorated and stuffed with unique and unusual fillings. It’s what happens when a cupcake company is born in a bar.

The NoRA bakery and retail store is located at 700 Main Street in Middletown across the street from Eli Cannon’s Tap Room and just north of Rapallo Avenue (that’s North of Rapallo Avenue,NoRA, get it!).

Have a great weekend!

Peace, love and spanks

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High Five for Friday #3


TGIF!!! I am linking up with Lauren @ The Lauren Elizabeth site for her weekly, High Five for Friday fun. Check out some awesome bloggers!

Yesterday, DJ and I just received some very Life Upgrading news…no babies people. I am a lady…ahem 🙂


I just wanna rub that belly!!!

I am so excited that I could burst! Anywhoooo…I’ll post all of the exciting tidbits once everything is finalized, but in the meantime….High Five for Friday!!!!!!

Seriously, hand me the bottle o’Bourbon after these last few weeks. The end of my lease is upon me and that means the dreaded packing shall commence. I loathe packing. Doesn’t everyone?

The only thing I’m excited about it to sell and donate some of my stuff.

minimalI’m trying to really minimize my things. I have a lot of clothes that would benefit other people and I’m hoping my Life Upgrade can help others upgrade as well. The pastor at my church said they are always in need of clothes for the homeless shelters in the area. Please consider donating to your local church or shelter before selling your clothes. Give others the chance to Life Upgrade 🙂

No big plans this weekend other than packing, packing and more packing. Have a great weekend and remember….pants

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Short-Long Week – High Five for Friday #2

Howdy people! Do short weeks always seem like extra long weeks? I feel like it took forever for Friday to get here. Dang. That may be partially my fault since I stayed in NYC 6 hours later than expected, making for a very late Monday night. Totally worth it though!

Did anyone watch the football game last night? I fell asleep right before it ended, but was pleasantly surprised when I woke up and checked my fantasy football scores to see that Marshawn Lynch gave me a lovely 15pt lead. Can I get a Hell Ya! That was my best non-sober draft pick.

Does anyone else like “National Whatever Day?” I think it’s stupid silly, but I get a kick out of what people come up with for each day. So apparently today is National Cheese Pizza Day as well as National Lazy Mom day (aka Mother’s Day??? Was I supposed to get a gift? Shit)

A fun little fact for Pizza Day – it was estimated that the annual production of pizza cheese in the US in 1997 was 2 billion pounds!! Holy mozzarella Mario!!!

A group of us are driving to Jersey tonight for the Spartan Super tomorrow…rainy, stormy skies are predicted so it’ll be a wet one. Wish me luck and have a great weekend!

Peace, Love & Spanks

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High Five for Friday #1

Only in recent years have I become a blog lover and I don’t really know how it happened. I guess it came about as a means of finding myself.  By seeing what others were going through in their daily lives, feeling normal, because really, what is normal? At 25, I was in a horrible relationship, about 20lbs overweight and my severe lack of self-esteem could have driven me to become the next ISIS nutcase. I’m also an only child, which nurtures being in touch with one’s self since you don’t have siblings to bounce things off of. It’s a lifetime of self-critiquing…sometimes I wish I had an older bro/sis that would tell me what a nerd I was being, or how awful I was dressing. Even to beat up some of the losers I’ve dated and to slap some sense into me when I was being a b*atch to my parents..waa waa

Luckily, my life has begun the upgrading process. In 2014 I decided it was time to shape up or ship out Hawkes! Stop with the BS and start living a happy and healthy life. And it couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day: February 9, 2013, aka my 28th birthday!!! On this day, I met a great man (D.J.) during the Nor’easter blizzard Nemo, all while imbibing at a hole in the wall bar in Boston, at 10am mind you. Since then, my life has truly been happier and healthier. It’s amazing how happiness can transform your life. I’ve lost weight, started running 5k races (a soon to be 8 miler and a 1/2 marathon!) moved to Connecticut and started to rebuild my confidence. With the major life changes happening in the near future, I cannot wait to see where life will take me!

OK – if I was reading that, I’d make the gag sound…sorry!!! Cut me some slack, I was reflecting on the delish iced coffee and eggs that I woke up to BEFORE work this morning courtesy of my bun (see: cheesy pet name) so I wanted to give him a lil shout out. HEY-YO!!!

Another blogger that really inspired me to start writing is a fellow blogger Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Bless her heart, she is freakin’ adorable. She is real, says it like it is and has no qualms. Whitney, props to you girl.

Another blogger that I love is Lauren Elizabeth…the sister of the popular Pinterest hair styler, Kate, who also blogs on her The Small Things Blog.  Lauren likes to link up on Friday’s with a lil thing called High Five for Friday so….here goes!

Enjoy your Holiday weekend my darlings, I’m off to NYC for a day trip…check back for some photos.

1. Blogs! Especially The Small Things, The Lauren ElizabethI Wore Yoga Pants to Work and PaleOMG (Julie is kick ass! She’s a Paleo & Crossfit goddess)

2. Life Upgrading – all forms.

3. New England Nor’easter’s esp Nemo….just keep shovelin?

4. Long weekends!

4. My man 🙂 photo 1 (1)

 Peace, Love & Spanks

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