Yard Sailing & Girls Weekend


This weekend was not as successfull as I had hoped, but I got an amazing girls weekend out of it and a TON of packing done.

I said goodbye to DJ at the airport bright and early on Saturday morning…and by bright and early I mean that I may have uttered the words “I hate you” as he woke me up to drive his @ss at 4AM….alas, I had to get up anyways to prep for the day’s yard sale.


Oh the yard sale….the yard sale that took over an hour to set up….4 hours to sit looking like a homeless bum with puppy dog eyes begging people to stop, and another hour to tear it all down. What did I get out of it??? $0….not one person stopped by. UGHHHHHHH!!!!

What do you do in this situation? We have soooo much furniture,  tons of clothes and an assortment of randomness that CANNOT and WILL NOT be on the moving truck come 10/7.

I know Salvation Army will pick up donations…has anyone done that before? I’ve only walked in with clothing…Suggestions are welcome.

After the yard sale bust, my best gf from Boston, Tiffany, came down to help with the pack and get our QT on. Arriving around 8pm, we headed out to the nearby Whole Foods for some snacks. This is where we found the most amazing adult beverage!!! Enter: Spiked Seltzer


As an avid seltzer (lime) drinker, to find an alcoholic version with low cals and sugar was a gift from the Heaven’s…after 2 sips, Tif and I knew there would be no packing tonight. It was refreshing and flavorful without the sickeningly sweet after taste that some “clear” beverages have. They currently come in 3 flavors: West Indies Lime, Valencia Orange and Indian River Grapefruit


Sadly, they only seem to have it in the New England/NY area…so, I naturally emailed the company and begged them to sell in Atlanta and that I’d do anything in my power to make that happen. Spread the word people! And look at that rockin’ logo??!!! A mermaid? Hell ya!

Check them out and beg them to come to a city near you!

Sunday, Tif and I woke up around 8:30 and headed to Brunch…my most favorite meal of the week. An adult excuse to get a little sauced while still acting cool and sophisticated and getting your grub on.

We went to Tisane in downtown Hartford, a local favorite known for it’s coffee and tea boozy beverages. I had the Lil Havana, 3 poached eggs over spicy sweet potato and shredded pork hash with a chive hollandaise sauce. It was amazing!!


2 Bloody Mary’s and a coffee drink later it was time to turn on the tunes and get packin’.

Tif is great because she really allows me to let go of all the treasures that I can’t seem to get rid of. I managed to say adios to 4 bags of stuff! So refreshing! After saying bye to Tif, I headed out to the pool for some R&R aka a nap and tan.

Despite the lame yard sale, it was a great weekend that I’ll miss when I’m in ATL….10 days kiddos

Peace, love & spanks

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