Thankful Thursday #3 – The Big News!!!

thankful-thursday2Sorry for the lack of writing this week. I’ve managed to come down with a crazy double ear infection that has also caused me to have vertigo! I pity (the fool ha!) anyone who has vertigo on a regular basis because this spinning, dizzy, nauseous feeling is no bueno! I feel like I’m buzzed and walk like a drunk, bumping into walls and stumbling over my own two feet. Sheesh! Maybe a drink will make me straighten out???


It’s Thankful Thursday again and I have a lot to be thankful about this week….Ready for the BIG NEWS??

Drew and I are moving to Atlanta as of October 11!!!atl

DJ recently accepted a new job in Atlanta and finalized the paperwork as of Monday. It’s all becoming real because we are headed down to Atlanta to search for apartments this weekend. I am so thankful for him with all his hard work and his positive outlook during this process.

Side note: If you ever want to see how strong your relationship is, throw in a huge stress ball mixed together with a move to a different state and see if you survive. If you do, you are good to go!

It’s crazy to think that in 552 hrs (3 weeks and 2 days) I will be living in Atlanta, Georgia. Never did I think that I would be back living in the South (I went to Elon University in North Carolina and my parents live in Myrtle Beach, SC,) but I can’t wait to be back in the warm weather. I love the South!

I’m thankful that DJ and I get to explore a whole new city together. Finding our people, our places and our things to do. Atlanta will be OUR place. OUR first apartment. OUR chance to grow our lives together. We are really excited!

I am also thankful for my boss who is very happy for me. She took the news (today) quite well and was just as excited for me to be taking on this new stage in life as I am. She was so supportive, wishing me well and offering her help and guidance if needed. I’m so lucky!

I’m hopeful in finding a job once I’m there. I’ve started to look on the job sites and it looks like there’s a great market in Atlanta, so I’m not super worried, however, any connections, please let me know!

Last but not least, I’m thankful for all of those free moving boxes I hope to come across soon…


II’ll try to post some of the apartments we find this weekend so keep in touch! And as always….

Peace, love and spanks!

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