Thankful Thursday #2

We all know what twin_towers1day it is. September 11, 2014. A day to be very thankful for many things. Things that we often take for granted. 13 years ago when our world was rocked, I was only 16 years old and I had it all. An amazing family, a cute, popular boyfriend, a great education and a bright future. I hate to think that I took those things for granted, but I’m sure on some level I did.

Luckily, I was blessed not to know anyone who died in the attacks, but for anyone who experienced that day, we will all be forever changed. If you read my post about my NYC adventure, seeing the 9/11 memorial pools was a very emotional experience and I definitely recommend that being a stop on your NYC trip.

Today, at the ripe ole age of 29, September 11 will always make me say an extra I love you to my nearest and dearest. Don’t take anyone for granted.


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One thought on “Thankful Thursday #2

  1. Brian Hurley says:

    Great post Ash! Being at a military college sophomore year, you can imagine the reaction. We had active soldiers/officers who took a leave of absence to get their degrees, and most of them were gone 2 hours later after they fell. It was eery. Lot of friends eventually went on to serve, most still in.
    Everyday I think back to “what if”…being medically disqualified, I felt somewhat cheated not being there with my brothers and sisters. But, there is a big part was relieved since I was able to meet and then marry my best friend.

    I too take things for granted, but try to take at least a moment to think about 9/11 and all my friends/family who are serving or have been directly impacted.

    I’m glad you shared 🙂

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