Thankful Thursdays #1


In early 2013 I decided that I was going to change my life…I needed an upgrade. I wanted to turn myself in to my local service provider in return for the newest model …so, I quit my job, moved from Boston to CT, lost about 10 lbs, got a new job and focused on myself…you know, nothing drastic. This is what I’d like to call the beginning of my Life Upgrade.

Along the way I recruited some friends to join my new mantra and a few jumped on board the SS Upgrade. We decided that for a healthy upgrade it would be fun to complete the Spartan Trifecta. A 3 race competition that must be completed within the 2014 calendar year. Each race gets progressively longer and the obstacles get harder. We completed the first of 3, the Spartan Sprint 5 miler, in June. It was hosted at Mohegan Sun Casino and was coincidentally DJ’s 30th bday so we worked out hard and partied hard. It was a blast!

                                                                                          IMG_3483                  photo (4)                IMG_3508

This weekend in New Jersey, we are all competing in the 2nd Race, the Spartan Super, aka 8+ miles of hills, obstacles and mud. Hopefully no one kills me after all the complaining I’ll prob do as this will be the furthest I’ve ever run. Next up is the Spartan Beast which is in Myrtle Beach and is 13 miles of torture. Again, I paid for this?? Alas, I am thankful that I’ve been given this opportunity to improve my health and overall athletic abilities, all while enjoying it with my friends!

I am thankful for my momma. Shout out to Ann who is having gallbladder surgery today.

2012-12-24 10.02.53

My pups, Duggan (Dug) and Emma. These 2 little bundles of joy have been the light of my life for 4 and 5 years now. They are truly my fur babies and I would jump in front of oncoming traffic for them.

2012-08-24 21.52.31

Last but not least, can errbody say FOOTBAAWWWW – If you’re ready for some football (or not), the season, both real and Fantasy, starts today. If you don’t have a Fantasy team, you’ll be hearing a lot about it anyway. If you do, and you managed to snag running back Marshawn Lynch (Marshawn, Marshawn, Marshawn) get excited for tonight because the Seattle Seahawks will be putting him to work against Green Bay’s weak sauce defense.

Peace, Love & Spanks

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