High Five for Friday #1

Only in recent years have I become a blog lover and I don’t really know how it happened. I guess it came about as a means of finding myself.  By seeing what others were going through in their daily lives, feeling normal, because really, what is normal? At 25, I was in a horrible relationship, about 20lbs overweight and my severe lack of self-esteem could have driven me to become the next ISIS nutcase. I’m also an only child, which nurtures being in touch with one’s self since you don’t have siblings to bounce things off of. It’s a lifetime of self-critiquing…sometimes I wish I had an older bro/sis that would tell me what a nerd I was being, or how awful I was dressing. Even to beat up some of the losers I’ve dated and to slap some sense into me when I was being a b*atch to my parents..waa waa

Luckily, my life has begun the upgrading process. In 2014 I decided it was time to shape up or ship out Hawkes! Stop with the BS and start living a happy and healthy life. And it couldn’t have happened on a more perfect day: February 9, 2013, aka my 28th birthday!!! On this day, I met a great man (D.J.) during the Nor’easter blizzard Nemo, all while imbibing at a hole in the wall bar in Boston, at 10am mind you. Since then, my life has truly been happier and healthier. It’s amazing how happiness can transform your life. I’ve lost weight, started running 5k races (a soon to be 8 miler and a 1/2 marathon!) moved to Connecticut and started to rebuild my confidence. With the major life changes happening in the near future, I cannot wait to see where life will take me!

OK – if I was reading that, I’d make the gag sound…sorry!!! Cut me some slack, I was reflecting on the delish iced coffee and eggs that I woke up to BEFORE work this morning courtesy of my bun (see: cheesy pet name) so I wanted to give him a lil shout out. HEY-YO!!!

Another blogger that really inspired me to start writing is a fellow blogger Whitney @ I Wore Yoga Pants to Work. Bless her heart, she is freakin’ adorable. She is real, says it like it is and has no qualms. Whitney, props to you girl.

Another blogger that I love is Lauren Elizabeth…the sister of the popular Pinterest hair styler, Kate, who also blogs on her The Small Things Blog.  Lauren likes to link up on Friday’s with a lil thing called High Five for Friday so….here goes!

Enjoy your Holiday weekend my darlings, I’m off to NYC for a day trip…check back for some photos.

1. Blogs! Especially The Small Things, The Lauren ElizabethI Wore Yoga Pants to Work and PaleOMG (Julie is kick ass! She’s a Paleo & Crossfit goddess)

2. Life Upgrading – all forms.

3. New England Nor’easter’s esp Nemo….just keep shovelin?

4. Long weekends!

4. My man 🙂 photo 1 (1)

 Peace, Love & Spanks

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