Baby Friday a.k.a Thursday

Happy Baby Friday!!!!

Lots of changes are pending and I think anxiety is rearing it’s ugly head. For example, these vivid dreams in which I’ll skip a class (please note my last college class was over 7 years ago) and then freak out that I’m going to #fail at life and end up the next wanted homeless VMA award acceptance chica…oh Miley.

Normally, I’m the Type A personality, a little annoying thing that likes her day planned out with exact times and places. Something about that timeline just puts a smile on my face. Friends embrace it (I think) especially during bar crawls like the Beer Marathon in Boston. The greatest bar crawl of all time!!! No joke, seriously, when else can you wear a glowing-horned Viking helmet and traverse the mean streets of Boston all while wreaking havoc in 26 bars?? #myliverhatesthisday

2013-06-22 11.29.55-1 2013-06-22 19.25.38-1

I digress…supposedly things will firm up on Tuesday so until then, let the mind-F continue.

My next Spartan race in the grand Trifecta is happening next weekend. I can’t say that I’m thrilled to be running 8+ miles (in New Jersey nonetheless) all while hauling myself over and under walls of spikes and muddiness…but alas, I paid for it, so imma do it. #wavingthesouthernfinger

Just someone please remind me that Happy Hour the night before makes for a not so happy 2 hours of torture the next…yuuuuup.

Peace, Love & Spanks  AHawkes Signature


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